AfriRover Travels- Getting There is Half the Fun

There’s something magical about looking out over the Southern African landscape as the sun over the African plains. As the peaceful calm sets across the land, there’s no doubt you’ll reminisce about the incredible day you had exploring this beautiful place, while sipping on a refreshing sundowner drink, taking in the beauty of this ancient and powerful place.

AfriRover offers packaged tours that will take you to all the best landmarks in the region, and allow you to experience Africa in your own time, and the expert guidance of the Afrirover founder Oliver himself. Seeing herds of elephants and buffalo crossing a African river bed, lions in the wild on the hunt, the spectacular experience that is the big 5 of Africa.

Your tour may include some of the most breathtaking views from places like Kruger National Park, The Okavango in Botswana, Namibia and many other destinations across Southern Africa.

Afrirover will also give you the opportunity to experience and immerse yourself into the culture of the country or region, with fantastic local cuisine and experiences that can be part of your package tour.

You’ll learn the way of life of the people here and the rich history and natural beauty of the area. Your guide is well versed in the area and will provide you with an in depth experience of the area you will be travelling through.
There are an endless number of possibilities when you head out on a tour with Afrirover. Contacting Afrirover and planning your trip together with them, will ensure that you have the experience and adventure of a lifetime that will have you fully submerged in the culture and the beauty of this beautiful part of the world.

Find out more about the beautiful South African travel tours available to you at AfriRover.

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