Birds (Aves)

The birds we see in our gardens are among the 9000+ birds species that live throughout the entire world. They are vertebrates and are descended from theropod dinosaurs.

Birds are amazing creatures in that they can inhabit the coldest and the hottest regions of the earth, plus everywhere in-between. They live in and on the roofs of our houses, in caves and mine shafts, in forests, on cliffs, on islands, in river banks, in grasslands, in trees, on rocky coastal shores and on every continent on earth. Birds come in a range of sizes from the smallest hummingbird (2.4″ long) to the ostrich which is 8feet tall.

They are warm blooded creatures covered in feathers, they have wings and lay eggs. They are bipedal, meaning they walk on two legs and their legs are sometimes covered in scales. The bones of their legs are hollow but have air sacs in them, making them lighter and able to fly.

Most birds have no teeth but are carnivorous or meat eaters. However, their diets are very varied with some eating insects, worms, fish, small mammals such as mice or reptiles, while others eat fruit, seeds, plants, and the nectar and honey flowers produce. Others are scavengers that will eat pretty much anything.

We will be discussing and showing you the birds of Africa on this website, so sit back, relax and enjoy the show.

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