Our society has many downfalls, but perhaps one of our biggest downfalls is that we are wasteful. Incredibly wasteful actually. Our lives are spent wasting time, energy, and emotion on people and activities that do nothing for us. We sit down to a meal and fill our plates with more food than we could possibly eat and the leftovers get wasted. We drive our cars to work and play without thinking of the gasoline that is being used irresponsibly. Everyone is guilty of wasting, and therefore everyone needs to add an important concept to many areas of their life: conservation.

Our first thoughts about conservation probably take us to a rain forest somewhere in the jungle whose trees are being quickly cut down or to a village in Africa whose meager water supply is wasted on unnecessary things. While these are both situations that could benefit from the concept of conservation, there are many more areas of life that could learn a lesson as well.

No matter where we are, conservation matters, but no where is it more important than in Africa.