From the barbecues that are famous as part of South African cuisine to koeksisters, the delicate little donut like items that are famous, African cuisine is as unique and as interesting as Africa itself. Ponder our pages and take a look at the different items that are part of African cuisine and explore a taste of Africa.

The Rainbow Cuisine of South Africa

In a land roughly twice the size of Texas, the food of modern South Africa came about through the eating habits of the indigenous people plus all those who either came as explorers or immigrants or were brought to the country as slaves. The black populations, the hunter/gatherers, ate their traditional foods such as berries,
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Fufu – A Delicious African Food from Ghana

In Europe and America, mashed potatoes are a popular side dish, but without easy access to potatoes in Africa, Ghanaian cooks turn to a beloved African food – fufu. Fufu is one of the traditional African foods served in Ghana and other countries of Africa, and it’s a side dish that is served with dishes
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Some of the Most Exciting South African Foods

The flavor and unique appeal of South African food turns it into one of the most exciting culinary experiences. Here are some of the dishes to try while visiting the country. Appetizers A perfect meal starts with a bright and flavorful appetizer. Droewor is a thin, long sausage that has to be air-dried. Biltong is
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Biltong – A Little History and a Recipe of Traditional African Cuisine

Biltong is a type of cured meat that is quite popular in South Africa, where it originated. It can be made from various kinds of meat ranging from beef or game meat to commercially farmed ostrich fillets. Generally it is produced from fillets of raw meat that are cut, following the grain, into strips or
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Boerewors is a traditional type of sausage that is popular not only with South Africans, but with anyone who tastes it. The name derives from the word boer (Afrikaans for farmer) and wors, meaning sausage. The sausage must contain no less than 90% meat and it always contains beef, though usually lamb, pork, or a
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South African Foods-South African Braai

Braai is an Afrikaans word meaning “grill” or “barbecue” and has long been a social custom in many parts of Africa. While the tradition, as well as the term, originated among the Afrikaans speaking population, it has become a popular custom among South Africans of almost any ethnic background. The English speaking South Africans have
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South African Foods-Potjiekos

Potjiekos is a traditional South African stew that can be translated literally into “small pot food”. It is generally cooked outdoors in a round, three legged, cast iron pot called a potjie that evolved from the Dutch oven that was brought to South Africa from the Netherlands in the 17th century. Potjies are found in
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