Durban, Coastal City On the Tropical East Coast of South Africa

Durban is the largest city in the province of KwaZulu-Natal in South Africa, and the third largest in the country. It has a population of almost 4 million people, making it the largest city on the east coast of Africa. It also has the busiest port. It is one of the major centers for tourism, because of not only it’s port, but also because it is a gateway to get to some of the most wonderful National Parks and Game Preserves in the country. It also has one of the largest land areas, almost 2,300 square kilometers, so it has a lower population density than do many other cities.

Durban itself is really divided into six sections, each with its own characteristics and features, surrounding Durban Central, right on the beach and East Coast. If you are coming here for the night life and the excitement of this enchanting city, this is the place to be. It has an abundance of shopping opportunities, dining experiences, and the clubs and shebeens are off the charts. This is also where the main water related activities are held, from yacht shows, fishing and other water sports events are held.


There are many things that can’t be missed here. One of them is the Durban Art Gallery, one of the oldest in the country. This public institution has seen many changes over its lifetime, with more than 6000 different works in permanent collection. These archive and record reflects the many changes that have occurred in the places, people and situations, and has had to cater to many varying values, aesthetics, and administrations. One of the exhibitions is from the Victorian collection, with works representing many different themes, from the wars of the period, the landscapes as ell as the idylls. Everything in the gallery is arranged so that the viewer can see the many social aspects that history has unfolded.

If you are on a limited budget, the Durban Natural Science Museum is totally free, and open 363 days a year. There are many reasons to come to this museum. This museum has many different innovative and dynamic educations and research programs that emphasis ecology and Biodiversity Conservation. The reasons for many of these programs are that many of the surrounding Preserves and National Parks are devoted to these subjects. The Durban Natural Science Museum may be one of the smallest, but it is the busiest natural science museum. It is world renown for how realistic their habitat groups or dioramas are. They have a full size model of a T Rex, an almost complete Dodo skeleton, and Peten Amen, an Egyptian Mummy is on permanent display. Founded in 1887, it celebrated its 120 anniversary in 2007, where two time capsules were buried, celebrating the museum’s contributions to natural heritage as well as conservation. In 2057 the first will open, and the second thirty years later.skycar

What to do here really depends on your tastes. If you like gambling, then the Suncoast Casino and Entertainment World is a place that can’t be beat. On Durban’s Golden Mile, this casino is one of Durban’s brightest attractions. It is built in an Art Deco style that reflects some of the most prominent Art Deco building around the world. Essentially a work of art, it lights up the sky with more than 6 full kilometers of neon. It attracts many big and famous celebrities, Anna Kournikova, Enrique Iglesias, and Salman Kahn are just some that come to try to win big. These have a gaming for that is 7,000 square meters, other three different casinos. There is the casino for smokers, as well as non smokers, and then one for people who prefer a little privacy.

The Suncoast offers much more that just gambling though, it also offers a private beach with grassy embankments, dunes that are covered with indigenous vegetation, all leading out to a beach right on the Indian Ocean that is so warm you can swim in the water any time of the year. It also has a variety of different restaurants, The Havana Grill, the most popular steakhouse in the city, as well as Circus Circus, the Center Court Buffet, and the Cape Town Fish Market. It also boasts an eight screen cinema, with the 18 meter Supernova Screen, the largest in the providence.

If you are not into gambling, or have the kids with you, no worries, there are also plenty of other things to do in Durban. How about the uShaka Marine World. This marine theme park is the largest in all of Africa. It also has one of the largest aquariums in the world, one of five. There is a 1200 seat Dolphin tank, snorkel reef, as well as a touch pool. This park is a shipwreck themed park, with more than a half kilometer of viewing tanks. It also has many different exhibits, one of them the largest collection of sharks in the world.

This theme park is also where the South African Association for Marine Biological Research calls home. They play an extremely important role in the conservation of marine life in the region. There are an abundance of different water slides, and even a river ride that is 450 meters long and takes you right by the shark tanks. These are just some of the adventures you will find here.

There are just to many different activities, sights and excursions that Durban has to offer. There are an abundance of tours of the harbor, from boat as well as helicopter. There are outdoor sporting activities, if you are really brave you can even try Bungee Jumping. You can find out much more information about this lively city online, and if you ever plan a trip here, then you need to book all of your reservations well ahead of time.