Fufu – A Delicious African Food from Ghana

fufuIn Europe and America, mashed potatoes are a popular side dish, but without easy access to potatoes in Africa, Ghanaian cooks turn to a beloved African food – fufu. Fufu is one of the traditional African foods served in Ghana and other countries of Africa, and it’s a side dish that is served with dishes with soups, stews, and other dishes that have a sauce.

Throughout Africa you can find similar dishes to enjoy. In the African Great Lakes area, ugali is a similar staple that is made from masa flour. Other similar foods include Uganda’s posho, South Africa’s pap, Aambia’s nshima, and Zimbabwe’s sadza.

Today, Ghanaians often make fufu out of cassavas. However, before the introduction of the cassava to Africa, fufu was often made with yams. Cassava fufu is made by boiling cassavas or other types of tubers and then vigorously pounding and stirring the cassavas. In most cases, the pounding takes place in a huge wooden mortar and a wooden pestle is used to pound the mixture, so if you decide to make fufu on your own, you’re definitely in for quite a workout. Water is gradually added to the mixture until you have a sticky, slurry mixture. In some cases, plantains or other foods may be mashed into the fufu, giving it a slightly different texture and color.

Once the cassava has been mashed and pounded, the fufu is shaped into balls and then it is served up as a side to dishes that have a gravy or sauce. To begin eating fufu, take your right hand and tear off a piece of the fufu. Next, shape the fufu into a ball, making an indentation in the ball. Then, use the indented part of the fufu to scoop up the sauce, stew, or soup.

Of course, if you’re not up to doing all the work that comes with making this African food, you can purchase fufu machines, which reduce all the pounding and hard work that comes with making fufu by hand.

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