Great Limpopo Park

Great Limpopo Transfrontier Park – A Project Aimed At Creating The Largest Animal Kingdom In The World

The Great Limpopo Transfrontier Park, when completed, will be the largest one in the entire world, spanning over 100,000 square kilometers. At this point, it is just 35,000 square kilometers. However this is the largest project ever undertaken in Africa, and will span three different countries, South Africa, Zimbabwe, and Mozambique. Right now it is supposed to include Limpopo, Kruger, and Gonarezhou National Parks.

It also includes the Manjinji Pan Sanctuary, as well the Malipati Safari Area. It will engulf the space between Kruger, and Gonarezhou National Parks. In addition, the Makuleke region in South Africa, as well as Zimbabwe’s Sengwe communal lands will also be included.

This peace park was started in November of 2000, as a transfrontier park, in hopes to not only save some of the world’s most endangered wildlife, but also to establish better relations between the three countries. When completed, you will be able to drive uninterrupted through the whole of the park, and the three countries, without fences, or boundary restrictions. It is also hoped that this will stimulate the poor economy in the area, and will establish the largest Eco-tourism site in the world. It will also end boundary fences, and open up large migration routes for the animals that live within.limpopo apes

It will also feature the combination of different terrains, from savannahs, desert ranges, as well as tropical forests. It will be the largest combination of wild animals as well. In 2001 alone, the first forty of the estimated 1,000 African Elephants, including three herds of breeding animals were translocated from Limpopo National Park, which was ravaged by wars and the Kruger Park because of over population. It took over two years to complete. You will see the major big five when it comes to large land animals and carnivores, lions, wildebeests, elephants, rhinos, and hippos, as well as many others smaller animals. It is hoped that the world’s most endangered animal species, the African Wild Dog, will increase its numbers, with the elimination of interference from man. There will be literally thousands of different animals to view in their natural habitat, as well as so much more.

Some other important animals that you will be able to see when this park is in full swing are alligators, waterbuck, impala, Zebras, and Giraffe. This will also establish a permanent habitat for wild warthogs, water buffalo, and steenbok, just to name a few. There are going to be over 500 different birds species, 2,000 different plant species, and over forty different species of fish, including the lung fish.

Once opened and in full swing, you will have an abundance of tourist opportunities. There will be the traditional animal viewing opportunities, but these opportunities will be more abundant than ever before, as well as diverse. You will be able to take four wheel drive safaris into some of the most remote locations in the park. You will be able to see tropical wetlands, rich in bird and animal life. There will be cruises on the lakes, and even tiger fishing trips offered.
While you are here, you will also have the unique experiences of the local native tribes, from living among them, listening to their stories, learning traditions for healers, and local hunters, enjoying the dance, food, and music of the diverse cultures of this area. There are many arts and crafts you will not only be exposed to, but also be able to make yourself, and bring home as a token of your stay in this multicultural area.bouquet

In addition, there will be many border posts along the boundaries of this park, as well as many different kinds of lodging opportunities, from rough camping, with just the basic needs, to luxury lodges. Some of these will actually be near well established watering holes, and other attractions and opportunities to see wildlife from the comforts of you rooms.

This will be a base camp from which many adventures can be begun, and at the end of the day you will be able to dine and sleep with all the comforts of home. Many of these facilities will be operated by the local people, so you will have a unique chance to experience these adventures with guides who know the territory by heart.
The Great Limpopo Transfrontier Park is the biggest of its kind, and truly one of the great animal kingdoms. All of the wildlife that will reside here will do so under protection, and some of the most endangered species will finally start to make a comeback. All of the money that is spent here will go back into the community, and will be focused on the continuing conservation of the area. You don’t have to wait until this park finally opens to enjoy some of these adventures, there are many National Parks that are already open for tourism and are well established. You can find many adventures and wild life viewing opportunities already.

You can find an abundance of information on the newly established Great Limpopo Transfrontier Park, as well as Kruger National Park, and all the other Parks and Preserves in the area. The best sources of information are online. You can find many different luxury lodges and hotel accommodations available. In order to make the most out of your experiences, it is recommended that you make your reservations online. You need to book early, especially during the Summer tourist season, between October and April. Make sure you find out about passport information, money exchanges, and weather information. During the summer days the weather can get extremely hot, and in some areas the nights get down to freezing levels.