Johannesburg, the biggest city in South Africa, is the central hub for the entire region. Johannesburg is a massive metropol area, closely linked with Pretoria, the nation’s capital. South Africa over Johannesburg is seen as the economic hub for the entire African region. Here, skyscrapers abound in the down town area, with widely spread out suburbs moving in all directions. Johannesburg has boundless and highly developed infrastructure, comparable to anywhere in Europe or the United States.


The commercial and industrial strength of the South African economy, the strongest and most developed economy in Africa, is based here.

Johannesburg is a city that is spread out over a wide area, covering vast expanses. Here you will find very modern and vibrant shopping malls, countless restaurants serving local and cuisine from all over the world, accommodation ranging from guest houses, to hotels that accommodate for any budget.

There are also a large number of world renowned luxury hotels to be found here.

The city of Johannesburg never sleeps and has a vibrant nightlife. Entertainment is ongoing, ensuring every taste is catered for.

Concerts, theatre performances, comedy clubs, live music venues, restaurants and so much more. You have not experienced South Africa until you have spent some time in Johannesburg.

Many travelers use Johannesburg as a hub, when planning their Africa vacations.

Johannesburg - JoburgJohannesburg started out as a small town over 150 years ago, once gold was discovered in this region, the town grew to a booming city over the following decades.

It is a city steeped in history, from the gold rush right up to its development of a Megalopolis.
Famous areas that form part of the greater Johannesburg are Soweto, one of the world renowned townships in South Africa. This is a vibrant and exiting place to visit, were you can experience truly local cuisine and visit the apartheid museum and the original residence of the most famous South African person, Nelson Mandela.


Soweto tours can be arranged from most hotels across the greater Johannesburg area.

In the northern regions of Johannesburg, you while find the highly developed areas such as Sandton, were massive shopping malls, hotels and an endless stream of fine restaurants offer the travelers everything he or she needs.
Sandton is also the home of the Johannesburg stock exchange, seen as the economic centre for the entire region.
The northern suburbs of Johannesburg are signified by green and lush suburbs, with parks and recreational areas to be found on every corner.

Gold Reef City, a replica of a mining town, filled with entertainment venues and historical places, even includes an option were you can go down one of the original mineshafts, and enjoy a drink in the underground bar!
On the northern outskirts of Johannesburg, you can visit the Maropeng area, also known as the cradle of human kind. Here, some of the most significant fossil finds in archeological history have taken place. This area has been identified as the origin of early man.


This area offers tours into the ancient caves and museums and much more.
Further on the outskirts of Johannesburg, you will find areas such as Hartebeesport Dam, here you will find a variety of leisure activities ranging from live entertainment, farm stalls, restaurants and off course watersports. The area is built around the Hartebeesport Dam, and is a very popular destination, asit is only about half an hour from the city of Johannesburg.

Here, you will also have the opportunity to go on a number of hiking and adventure trails, through the Magaliesburg mountain range.

Around the Johannesburg area, you will also find a number of smaller game reserves and nature conservation areas. Many of these have lodign facilities, perfect for a weekend getaway from the city.

One of these areas is the Vaal river region, were you will find a number of accomodation options on the shore of the Vaal river, a popular destination for water sports enthusiasts, or those who simply like to soak up the sun and relax. Situated only one hour from Johannesburg, this is an ideal location for weekend trips or day excursions.

Johannesburg has so much to do and experience, and most hotels offer comprehensive guides to day tours and activities you can undertake in this mega city.
Welcome to the city of Gold, welcome to Johannesburg…