Madikwe Game Reserve

Madikwe Game Reserve-Luxury Living in The African Bush

The Madikwe Game Reserve is one the latest and still relatively unknown National Parks in South Africa. Opened just eleven years ago, it has over 750 square kilometers, and sits on the Northern border of South Africa. It was once farm land, but after years of unsuccessful farming due in part the poor soil, the South African Government decided that is was best suited as a game reserve.

Madikwe game reserve

Madikwe beautiful views from a lodge

This has a lot to do with the fact that the economy in this area is very poor, and it was hoped that by turning it into a National Park instead, that it would bolster the economy through tourism. There are still private farms outside the park, but they have to abide by many of the laws governing the park, such as animals are permitted to roam over any part of the area under the park’s protection. Private vehicles in the park do have restrictions.

While it is the fifth largest game reserve in the country, it is still relatively unknown. It remains relatively untouched by man. The Madikwe Reserve is also located in a very unique location, in the transition zone at the edge of the Kalahari Desert, and many rare species of wildlife that would not always come together live here naturally.

Two of these are the Kalahari Gemsbok, and the African Springbok. The Pilanesberg National Park is also close by, and there is an ongoing two year plan to connect the two parks by a corridor.

The Madikwe Game Reserve is a combination of bushveld plains and open grassland, with singular mountains and rocky outcroppings. It is also home to over 800 different animals, including over 300 different species of birds. You will be able to see a grand variety of wildlife in Madikwe.

Madikwe has black and white rhino species,as well as  many of the renowned african antelope, and wildebeests. One will also be able to see big carnivores, lions, leopards, cheetahs, spotted hyenas, and many others. More than 28 different species of mammals are here, including some the most endangered on the planet.

Rare african wild dog pack in Madikwe

Rare African wild dog pack in Madikwe

There are a large variety of different 5 star safari lodges in Madikwe, with the proceeds mainly going to the preservation of the park, other than helping the local economy prosper.

This reserve has many luxurious lodges, from the traditional to the more bush style, all that are set up at various locations throughout the park.

For an example, one of the lodges is Jaci’s Safari Lodge, which is located on the edge of the Marico River, under a grove of Tamboti trees. The main lodge is carved around an ancient ant hill, and has an open dining area, and a large spacious lounge, all with spectacular views of the surrounding bush lands. Upstairs is the craft shop, featuring offerings from many of the local tribes.

Here you will also find a children’s play area, a full gym, as well as a quiet space to read or just enjoy the views of wildlife. It also features a swimming pool that overlooks the river, and this lodge is located near a watering hole that is a regular stop for an abundance of game.

There are 8 double rooms, as well as a private and exclusive 2 bedroom ‘Nare’ suite. Because each of the rooms faces the dry river bed, you will be able to see wild animals walking to and from the waterhole, and if you get up early enough, you may also here the morning calls of the francolin, or even catch a glimpse of the bush babies returning to their roost in the trees.

The thick bush of Madikwe

The thick bush of Madikwe

All the rooms have a ceramic fireplace that is made by hand, with a real stone chimney. Each of these six rooms also has its own deck, where you can sit and enjoy the animals, the smells and the sights of the surrounding bush, all from the comfort of your room. In true safari tradition, each room has canvas sides, giving you the feeling that you are staying in a bush tent, and still have all the 5 star luxury. Six rooms have twin beds, two have four poster kings. Even children who are staying with their parents are accommodated with camping stretchers, giving them even more of a sense of the outdoors.


The exclusive bush retreat is the Nare Suite, which is located directly in front of the watering hole, and you will be able to see the Buffalo Bull, who often frequents ‘his’ watering spot. This luxurious suite can accommodate up the 4 guests at a time. It also has all the amenities of the other rooms, including private bathroom, and an outdoor shower area.

From any of these lodges, you can start on a variety of different adventures. There are day safaris to see the plentiful wildlife, with stops for picture taking. Your trip is a fully guided tour, from the comfort of a four wheel drive vehicle. There are also many hiking tours offered, and you don’t have to go far to see all the sights and animals you could ever hope for. The Madikwe Game reserve is truly an unspoiled gem in the heart of Africa.
All the lodges listed on this page are exceptional, and are situated in their own special, magical area within the Madikwe reserve.

We have travelled to a number of these lodges in Madiwke, and on every occasion we experienced 5 star service. The game viewing has been magnificent. The game rangers are highly skilled and will ensure that your trip into the bush will be an unforgettable experience.

The accommodation in the lodges is world class, can you imagine sitting in your own private splash pool, with a glass of champagne in your hand, while a group of elephants passes by you? This is just one of the many memories you will be able to take away.

A number of these lodges also cater for families, Jaci’s for example, has full child care facilities and is truly set up to cater for children of all ages, with loads of entertainment and necessary facilities available.

Madikwe is a magical place, where the african bush can be experienced in 5 star luxury

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