Mozambique – Paradise in South Eastern Africa

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Mozambique sits in Southeastern Africa, and has the Indian Ocean to the East. It is also surrounded by Tanzania, Malawi, South Africa, Swaziland, Zimbabwe and Zambia. There are a variety of different regions here, from the low coast lands to high and rugged mountain ranges.

There are five different major rivers, including the Zambezi, which divides that country topographically. There are also four lakes in this country, Lake Shirwa, Lake Cahora Bassa, Lake Niassa and Lake Chiuta.

The climate here is  tropical, with the wet season running from October until the end of March, and the dry season from April through September, but this really depends on the altitude one might find oneself in. Along the coastline the rain is the heaviest, with and average rainfall of 23 inches.

Mozambique has many things that attract tourists, and has become a hot spot for travel to Africa. There are many different opportunities here, with many magical islands, and excellent beaches, you can go diving and snorkeling at the Bazaruto Archipelago. There are Mangrove channels that you can sail to and around, or visit the Quirimbas Archipelago.

There are nine different national parks in Mozambique, with Niassa being a favourite destination of moz2many tourists. o Gorongosa National park has some of the best wildlife viewing. Here you will find vehicle rentals, and guided safaris, as well as an opportunity to hike on Mt. Gorongaosa, from the park’s headquarters. You can also camp here or even rent accommodations at the lodges.

If you are interested in water sports activities, then this is the place to come. Known by some as the destination for island getaways, and there are many islands to escape to not just for couples, but for the whole family as well.

This is the country where five different species of sea turtle come to breed and lay eggs. The tropical beaches and many lodges of Mozambique are renowned for their splendor and location.

The Bazuruto Archipelago is one of the most popular tourist areas to visit, and has four main islands to choose from, There is the Santa Carolina, Magaruque, Bazaruto itself, and Benguera. This archepelago is just 35 kilometers from the mainland, and you can get there from Vilanculos by small plane or chartering a boat.

One can find many deluxe hotel accommodations, from rooms to private bungalows. There are an abundant assortment of water activities, as well as observing plentiful wildlife.moz 1

You can find small antelope roaming this island chain, as well as fresh water crocodiles. There is an abundance of samango monkeys, as well as mangrove crabs, and you can even find flamingos that have nests on the many freshwater lakes. There are also mor
e than 240 different species of birds here including ospreys, fish eagles and harriers, just to name a few.

This is also home to the Bazaruto Marine Park, covering the entire Archipelago, making up over 1,400 square miles, the biggest in the whole Indian Ocean. You can observe plentiful marine wildlife here, and in addition to the turtles, you can see dolphins, humpback whales, as well as manta rays.

This area also boasts one of the only viable populations of dugongs, a species of sea cow, related to the Florida Manatee, on the whole Eastern African Coast.

In the Quirimbas Archipelago is the island of Ibo, only accessible by boat, nominated as a World Heritage site. This island is well worth the trip, because of the ancient cultural and historical value. Because of this, many people are starting conservation projects to protect the diversity of this island.

There are three historical forts located here, including St Jao Baptista on the North side of the island, and the largest. Up until the 1970’s it was used to house some of Portugal’s political prisoners, but now the fort is home of traditional silversmiths, making hand made jewelry from ancient design.

These are just a few of the island paradises one can experience, there is also Inhaca Island, famous for it’s Marine Biology museum. There are many different spectacular water sports here, including para sailing, wind surfing, and kayaking. You can even hire a boat to go deep-sea fishing, or take a leisurely tractor ride to the lighthouse. The island’s wild side, with its abundant winds, crashing surf and dark blue seas is something that can’t be missed.

At the mouth of the Tembe River, sitting on the Western side of the bay, lies Mozambique’s capitol city, Maputo. This bustling small city is a hub of activity, and one of Mozambique’s true hot spots.

With it’s wide leisurely avenues, it is one of the most beautiful cities in all of Africa. It has such a friendly atmosphere that you may not want to leave.  Here are a few of the attractions that Maputo has to offer the visitor.

Mozambique Beach Bar

One is the National Museum of Art, who’s extensive collections include sculptor and paintings by Mozambican artists, including Mucavele, Naguib and Malangatana. Not only are there permanent exhibits, but traveling showing come here as well.

There is also the Tunduru Gardens, created by famed English Gardener Thomas Honney in 1885. You can get out of the hot sun and enjoy an oasis under the tall trees. For people who like botany, some of these trees are even labeled, with origins and species. If you get permission from the Park’s office, you can even go into the Greenhouse, a sight to witness in itself.

Mozambique truly is a gem in Southern Africa and a beautiful country worth exploring.


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