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Relaxing After Lunch

Wildlife is plentiful in Africa

Unexpected Views

are waiting for you around every corner in Africa


Once Africa gets into your soul, she will never let you go.

Welcome to Pieces of Africa

Africa is a colorful and exciting canvas. Just like anything else, there are multiple facets. Africa is made up of many different pieces. The good and the bad combine to paint a picture that is compelling, exciting, inviting and sometimes–a little disheartening.

These are the realities of Africa today– a continent with a long and rich history, and a bright future. African wildlife, African art, African cloth or textiles and the African foods are just some of the things that draw people to the country.

They are the pieces of Africa.

Africa is known as the Dark Continent. It is a place of mystery and magic,and–it is said, the very place where men began their amazing travels on the earth. It is, according to some accounts, the cradle of life. Africa is probably the most diverse continent on the planet, offering such a variety and abundance of climates and wildlife and landscapes that you can quite literally find a thousand landscapes here. Most people come to Africa to see the African wildlife, but there is a lot more to the African continent than the wildlife safari.


Exploring the wildlife, the wonder and the magic of Africa will be the greatest and the most exciting experience of your life.

Real Stories

Pieces of Africa exists to offer a virtual tour of Africa–to provide for the enlightenment and the dissemination of information about Africa,the wonders available there and the problems that plague the country. Africa is rugged and beautiful and wild– but it isn’t all beauty. Pieces of Africa has a mission to tell the truth about the beauty and about the ugliness as well in order to help to preserve and protect the diverse culture and wildlife that is Africa.

African People

Africa is more than just the animals, although of course that's a big part of it. It's a people and a culture that are vibrant and ever changing. It offers a look back at our own past. Known as the cradle of life for a very good reason, Africa has an incredibly long history that spans centuries. From ancient man to modern conveniences, tribal cultures, historic strife and long struggles, Africa offers a look at the past, the present and the future all in the same continent.

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South Africa has a great deal of history and culture to offer you. Come and visit us and see for yourself. Once Africa gets into your soul, she will never let you go.