Some of the Most Exciting South African Foods

The flavor and unique appeal of South African food turns it into one of the most exciting culinary experiences. Here are some of the dishes to try while visiting the country.

A perfect meal starts with a bright and flavorful appetizer. Droewor is a thin, long sausage that has to be air-dried. Biltong is quite similar to droewor but it is actually cut into stripes, instead of dried in a long, sausage form. Ingelegde vis – a small fish that is pickled and eaten with or without additional spices should also rank among the top South African appetizers..

Main Dishes
When visiting South Africa, you must try out the national main dishes such as bobotie (spiced meat with an egg-based topping), the famous bunny chow (hollowed-out bread with a curry filling), the slow-cooked combination of beans, beef and pork called feijoada and the local meatballs with vegetables – frikkadel. Vegetarians should opt for biryani that is made with vegetables, chili, mustard and beans.

Looking for a great recipe for Malva pudding?

Looking for a great recipe for Malva pudding?

Sweet Temptations
Everyone’s favorite piece of South African cuisine is koeksisters. This is a sweet dessert made of sugared pastries that are deep-fried. Other local desserts include the apricot-based malva mogodu sponge pudding, mealie-bread made from sweet-corn dough and the melktert, which is a large crust-covered tart with milk and egg-based filling. Melktert originated in the European continent and was brought around by the traders and colonists.

South African wines and alcoholic beverages are famous around the world. For the best taste, try those that are from the Cape estates. You should also opt for the traditional African beer known as maheu. Mapoer is a very strong homemade brandy and for the ones that aren’t into alcoholic beverages, there are amasi (a soured milk drink), mageu (a type of non-alcoholic maheu) and rock shandy (a delicious and refreshing local soda).

Trying South African cuisine is a wonderful opportunity for experiencing the country and its culture. Combine this culinary experience with a big ten animal safari and you’ll certainly fall in love with the diversity and richness of South Africa.

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