Tourism is one of the biggest industries in Africa and not without good reason. There are so many different types of tourism available to the country that it’s a given that it is  helping to grow and to change the economy in other areas too.The kinds of tourism that Africa provides for and promotes include the following:

Nature or adventure trip tourism
Business Tourism
Beach  Tourism
Cultural Heritage Tourism
Safari tourism.

These are all playing into the others and tourism in Africa is on an upsurge. It is being invested in eagerly by many other countries, not the least of which are Europe, China, India, and the United States. Tourism is a driving force and has given a far better economic viewpoint to the area as well as having helped the people of the country immensely.

It is largely due to tourism in Africa that some SSA countries have seen their poverty rate decline from about 60% to 50%, still astronomical but slowly righting itself. Tourism does not come without problems, not the least of which are that people leave behind them a fairly large footprint on the country and the wildlife.

The tourism itself has problems in that many areas of the continent are not entirely politically stable, which fact lowers the impact that tourism can have as many other countries recommend that people not travel in that region.Massive problems in some areas prevent the tourists from coming and prevent them from seeing all that they could see, lowering their satisfaction with the visit.

This in and of itself is problematic because the tourism that could have come there is not embarking on trips to that region, providing for a people who have need of the funding to not receive it.


African tourism is not without issues and there are, of a certainty, places that are less desirable, even dangerous when you consider visiting them. There are also a wide range of areas that are notably secure and safe for travelers that may offere the same kind of scenery and wildlife. Choose wisely when you visit, but do visit. Africa is waiting.