Trains of Africa – Come Experience the Adventure

When you think of traveling through Africa, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Is it dusty roads and bouncing around in a Humvee like vehicle while watching for big game? While a safari may be one exciting way to experience the wilds of Africa, it is not the only option by far. Have you ever considered a train vacation?

The Blue TrainTrains of Africa - The Blue Train

The Blue Train has a colorful past, starting in the 1920’s as the preferred mode of travel between the southern and northern most tips of Africa. Over the years, the train would wear many hats including transportation for the gold and diamond rush as well as military service during World War II. Throughout time, this train has evolved into a modern luxury travel method with just enough romantic history to make it interesting.

Luxury Accommodations

Forget what you have seen in the movies, black boiling smoke, cramped quarters and loud rickety rails make good Hollywood scenes, but you will find none of this on The Blue Train. What you will discover is a beautifully decorated luxury suite complete with Wi-Fi access, telephone and your very own personal butler. De Luxe suites include either a double bed or two twins covered with good down duvets and 100% percale cotton bedding. Other amenities include:

Marble and gold luxurious bathroom
Multi-media entertainment- Blue Ray movies and CD collection
Telephone privileges- brag to friends and family about your wonderful vacation (small added fee)


While you may be tempted to simply stay on the train and enjoy the comfort of your suite, fine dining and elegant lounges, there is also plenty to see outside! The Blue Train has a few different travel options including excursions to towns like Kimberly, a diamond rush settlement or Matjiesfontein, an area steeped in Victorian architecture and nineteenth century lampposts. Either location gives the traveler a feeling of having stepped back in time.

African Train Safari

Are you ready to spend up to 14 wonderful days exploring Africa? First class accommodations await your travel plans in the form of The Pride of Africa. Ravos rails has a bevy of restored classic train coaches dating back to 1911, some even have the distinction of royal travel in their dossier. Today they carry travelers to wondrous sites all over Africa on trips lasting from 24 hours to two full weeks.


Think Edwardian décor with modern conveniences and you have pretty much summed up The Pride of Africa private train company. Deluxe suites offer the utmost in travel with a fully stocked refrigerated bar, 24-hour room service and a full size bathroom containing a Victorian bath and shower to be used at your convenience. Other amenities:

  • Private lounge
  • Writing desk
  • Personal safe


Are you concerned about what you will eat on your extensive journey into Africa? Traditional dishes prepared with fresh local ingredients served upon fine china and accented with delicate linen napkins pretty much sums up your dining experience. On board, chefs work diligently to compose menus to your liking, along with your favorite beverages. Be prepared to dress for dinner, while breakfast or lunch is more casual at dinnertime they make every effort to impress.


Oh, the sites you will see and things you can learn on one of these African Safaris train rides. What you will see will of course depend upon the route and length of your journey, but be prepared to be amazed. Just a few examples include:

Victoria Falls: Golf, spectacular helicopter tour, Zambezi River cruise
Kimberly: Big Hole Diamond museum
Hoedspruit, Mpumalanga: Two night stay at game lodge with early morning or evening game drives available
Holoong Siding, Nambia: Fish River Canyon

Whether you opt for a 24-hour journey or choose a 14-day vacation, luxury and excitement are on the itinerary.

Shongololo ExpressTrains of Africa - Shongololo Express

There is a better than average chance you have never heard of a safari train excursion that is anything like the Shongololo Express! Yes, they offer luxurious accommodation and plenty of amenities, but have you have considered scuba diving to be part of a train excursion? Probably not and that is because you have never considered booking with Shongololo Express.


There are many unique add-ons available, but there is one other feature that sets this train vacation apart from most. It is in the way they schedule your travel, you see Shongololo travels between sites during the night, while you are sleeping. This means each new day greets you with a new landscape and possibilities.


If you have researched train safaris and trips in Africa, you begin to see they have some similarities such as locations and local attractions. Where you may find the most differences is in the optional add-ons. A few exciting possibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Hot Air Ballooning: See Africa from a completely new perspective
  • Shark Cage Diving: Sure, there are lions in Africa, but there are also sharks off the coast and cage diving is the way to experience them like never before.
  • Elephant Rides: You have seen it in the movies and perhaps even fantasized about the possibility, now you can actually experience the thrill of riding one of the largest land animals on the planet.

Safari Camp

Get closer to the wild than you ever imagined at Tsakane Safari Camp, where there are no fences separating you from the visiting wild life. Enjoy the experience by staying in one of the stilted cabins or a luxury safari tent. Amidst the tranquil indigenous garden, you will find all the comforts you could need including in suite naturally designed toilets and open air showers. In camp, you will enjoy a comfortable lounge, dining lapa, dancing lapa and much more.

Places to See in Africa

Before choosing a specific train for travel, you may want to consider the different attractions around Africa. You may think of Africa as merely a desert country with dry arid lands and wildlife galore, but did you know there is also a tropical paradise hiding in Mozambique?

If you are looking for some of the best diving and snorkeling in the world, you have come to the right place. Crystal clear waters and a diverse ecosystem offer stunning underwater scenes and experiences. Seahorses, brilliantly colored soft coral, anemones, tropical fish and more are awaiting your arrival. Divers from around the world dream of the day they can visit Mozambique and experience this underwater paradise.


Namibia maybe one of the most popular safari destinations in all of Africa. This country is marked by two deserts, the Namib, which is the oldest desert on the planet and of course the Kalahari. You will also find a vast partially vegetated savannah, which actually spills over the boarders and into neighboring countries.

One thing people truly enjoy about vacationing in Namibia, is the remote yet intimate cabins and lodges. Take for instance the Ongava Tented Camp located south of Etosha National Park in Namibia. Visitors to the camp can experience the best of both worlds in a sense. You can enjoy the sights and sounds of nature while relaxing in the pool or congregating at the bar. If you get a chance to travel to Namibia or visit this particular camp, be sure to take advantage of guided game drives and/ or walking daytrips, you just might get to see a black and a white rhino!

makgadikgadi Meerkats

You have no doubt heard about the Wildebeest and Zebra migrations. These take place in the saltpans of Makgadikgadi during the wet season. During mid-November, the rains transform what is really a vast lifeless plane into an area teeming with life and great sheets of water. Wild arrays of water birds flock to the area as do a number of other wild creatures seeking water and sustenance.

Are you ready to experience the wildlife of Africa? Would you like to get a first-hand view of the massive migrations that take place in Botswana? How does your own private plunge pool and candlelit dinners sound? Not quite the “camping” experience that comes to mind when you think of an African Safari? Whether you are headed to Namibia or Botswana there, are game lodges and tent camps to suite your taste and budget.

Final Thoughts

Have you ever considered visiting Africa? If you were under the impression that the only way to truly experience this fabulous land is by “roughing” it, you are in for a sweet surprise. Luxury train cars, game lodges and camps offer everything you could ever want from an African Safari while providing you with amenities of all types. Thrill to the sound of a lions roar in the evening, just before retiring to your train suite for a nice relaxing bath, or enjoy candlelit dinners, china and fine dining while barreling through the night on any one of the magnificent trains.

Africa is a location steeped in history and well known for its diverse wildlife. Lions, zebras, elephants, giraffes, gorillas, hippos, leopards and do not forget the Nile crocodile! You could see any or all of these majestic creatures during an African safari. Imagine the stories you will have for your children and grandchildren. Come experience the Trains of Africa.

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