For many people who want to visit Africa, the reason that they want to visit is the African wildlife. There isn’t another continent on the earth that has such as diverse group of wildlife and offers so much to see and do. All of the wildlife of Africa is free and roaming. You’ll be seeing animals that you’d only see in a zoo in the rest of the world.


Most people who go to Africa for a safari go to take a photographic journey. They hope to see the group of animals that are known as “The Big Five.”

These animals include the Buffalo, the Leopard, the Elephants, the Lions and the Rhinos.

Each of these animals, in their own right can be remarkably dangerous to view and there are safety precautions in place for you at every turn. Adhere to them and listen to your guides to be sure that you view them safely and return home the same way that you arrived for your visit to Africa.

African wildlife has a lot more to offer than just the big five. There are also the other animals, many of which are endangered and are in need of advocates to help them to remain a viable part of the ecosystem. Among these, the Wild Dog, the African Penguin and several others number.


Even some of the more common animals are facing a radical lowering in numbers lately and the causes are as yet to be determined.

A visit to Africa will show you the good and the bad, many sites that are amazing and some that are not as lovely as you might wish them to be. The experience will leave you changed in many ways forever. As the saying goes, once Africa gets inside your soul, she will never let go. It doesn’t take a lot for the country to work its way inside your heart and soul and the plight of some of the animals here may be just enough to accomplish that.


The end result of your trip to Africa to see and experience the wildlife up close and personal may be that you become a valued advocate for their survival.